E-learning arrives at Lynch Plant

Lynch has invested in e-learning to keep staff up to date with procedure changes, to deliver briefings in a more interesting and interactive way and to help to develop the skills of the staff by introducing a number of courses covering health & safety, environmental awareness, sales training and product knowledge.

It also allows the management to keep a track of the training needs of the Lynch Plant staff and focus on their potential weaknesses.

Courses come in multiple choice questions and answers which are randomised so that each student doesn't get the same questions all the time, with a forum module allowing students to discuss the course with fellow students and to get help if they are stuck. Students can also give feedback from the course or briefing, thus giving the company’s management the opportunity to learn from ground level about changes in company systems which could be improved to produce better results companywide. Staff can do these courses at their terminals, at work or in the comfort of their own homes.

Operations Manager Mark Kennedy commented: "the new e-learning software will help Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage have a better understanding of staff training needs. This will ensure that staff who are not always based in Head Office, such as operators who work in all parts of the country, are briefed correctly (and we can prove they have been), with the aim of reducing risk and helping us Meet Hire Demands."

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